Decorative Craft Skills Education

‘Passed on from Teachers & Craftsmen to Students’

The Aims and Objectives of the Association of Painting Craft Teachers are to advance education and training throughout the Painting and Decorating Industry, including technology and related skills associated with Interior and Exterior Decorating, Industrial Finishing and Signwork.

The Painting Craft Teachers Association is composed of two dedicated but totally separate, groups of Further Education Lecturers, these being :

  1. APCT, The Association of Painting Craft Teachers whose Officers represent the membership from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This Association was formed in 1927.
  2. SAPCT, The Scottish Association of Painting Craft Teachers whose Officers represent the membership in Scotland. This Association was formed in 1955.

Although geographically separate, we are involved in many initiatives together and have equal standing and respect for each other. Each Association has its own President and National Secretary and a democratically elected supporting Executive/Management Committee to oversee the organisational and constitutional matters on behalf of their respective Members.

In recent years the co-operation between the Associations has grown to such an extent, and our work together having so many similar aims and results that it has resulted in the decision to call ourselves the Painting Craft Teachers Association, when working on joint ventures and initiatives.

We hope that kindred organisations who wish to be involved with us as the PCTA will appreciate this explanation and also the need to send copies of all communications to both National Secretaries as a courtesy to both organisations.

Barry Mason
APCT National Secretary

Shrewsbury College of Art &
London Road


Work Tel:01743 342501
Mobile 07977484896
barrym  @  shrewsburyDOTacDOTuk


SAPCT National Secretary
Mr Mike Swan contact Email m.swan@dundeeandangusDOTacDOTuk

The Aims and Objectives of our Association are:

  1. To advance education and training throughout the painting and decorating industry, including skills and related technology associated with interior and exterior decorating, commercial and industrial finishing and signwork.
  2. To further the interest of all engaged in teaching, including enhancing or promoting the skills associated with the industry.
  3. To act as informed and expert representative bodies with which national, regional or local training organisations, both public and private may consult on all matters connected with the teaching of painting, decorating and allied technical, artistic and commercial skills.
  4. To seek direct representation on appropriate national, regional or local educational, training, examining and assessment bodies, for curriculum development.
  5. To act as receiving and disseminating centres for all information which is helpful to teachers of the Craft of painting and decorating.




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