Committee members of the Association of Painting Craft Teachers

Below is a list of the current committee members. For general enquiries please contact us by using the contact form on the contact page.


Phil Burgess

(Accrington & Rossendale College)

Tel: 07779152420
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Immediate Past President:

Peter Walters

(Stoke on Trent College)

National Secretary:

Steve Dawes

Tel: 07913033716
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Membership Secretary and Treasurer

Matthew Anderson

(Nottingham College)

Tel: 07908424321
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Events Organisers:

Simon Whitaker
(Accrington & Rossendale College)


Tel: 07977041634
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Phil Burgess

(Accrington & Rossendale College)

Tel: 07779152420
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Education Representative:

Steve Manning
(South & City College Birmingham)

Minutes Secretary:

Jo Mabbutt